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my background to help shape your person schema.

"It's not uncommon that I sprint upstairs to the office in anticipation of solving problems and finding insights."


Quick introduction [30 seconds]

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Naturally user focused, UX conductor, people-person, innovative thinker, sharer of learnings, watercolour artist, producer of code, skills sharpener, extra-time giver, Detective of target audience needs & family guy.

Short term targets


This is what I am looking for in 2020

  1. To close the gaps that currently exist, by conducting talks and writing articles.
  2. To work closely within a talented team, working in a mixture of remote and in-house working styles - 80/20.
  3. To surround myself in a work environment that excels in pushing boundaries, be that in a learning capacity or products delivered.
  4. After putting in years of groundwork, join bigger teams, where i can focus on a specialist role.
  5. To actively offer my services as a UX mentor by passing on my knowledge and improving user experiences by proxy.

Long-term goals


This is what I am aiming for within 5 years - 2025

  1. Teach those who wish to become UX practitioners.
  2. Help design several meaningful products that separate themselves from competitors, by pushing boundaries and managing risk.
  3. Advance towards a senior role, taking on more responsibility and positively influencing others.
  4. Become a competent full-stack developer, helping me become an impactful UX Designer.



These are the skills weighted in a
t-shape diagram.

Adapted from IDEO's model by Tim Brown (numbers = hours)

Development tools


Visual representation of development tools competencies.

27 months +

Prototyping tools

Visual representation of mainstream prototyping tool competencies.

26 months +



This example covers all areas under the broad UX umbrella.




2:1 BSc degree in I.T. & design. (honours)

certificate of achievement


Online udemy course: Dr David Travis, The ultimate guide to usability and ux.

certificate of achievement


ECDL qualified (intermediate)

Current courses


W3Schools CSS certification

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