Hi, I'm Steve Miller-Perry, an interaction designer with skills in ux research.

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Case studies

Below are some projects I have had the privilege of working on, ranging from startups to compact design teams.

The Princes Trust

Jan '20 - Ongoing

User researcher/web developer

Problem: Young people had problems securing employment opportunities and one way of solving this was to create an app that allowed users to reflect and actively engage with the service. We knew we were on the right track when users had achieved efficient times to complete their main tasks.

Version Originale Language

Dec '19 - Ongoing

Interaction designer/web developer

Problem: The client needed a platform that could improve her workflow and serve as a professional centralised platform to attract business from schools. A solution was to create a professional and responsive website that represented her vision. Two KPI's that measured the sites success was conversion rates and bounce rates, which calculated the number of new sign ups and those who left the site early on.

Youth Radio Network

Oct '19 - Jan '20

User researcher/visual designer

Problem: The service had a minimal online presence with no long-term digital strategy. One way to solve this was to create a web user interface that allowed businesses the opportunity to easily invest in the charity. Although the scope of the project significantly increased, a short-term measure of success was producing a landing page and generating interest from volunteers, where the figures could be bench-marked against the previous year.

West of Scotland Counselling

Nov '19 - Sep '20

Interaction designer

Problem: a joint venture counselling service had a problem of not generating enough committed service users to their business in a highly saturated market space. Research was carried out, identifying that their current business model was affecting their business funnels. If the product could increase contacts to the service by a minimum of 46%, this would ensure a decent return on investment.

Interview concept

Dec '19 - Ongoing

Interaction designer/web developer

Problem: A current problem exists in the employment market regarding interview processes, both from a financial and time mannered standpoint. I am working on a solution to this problem, where hypotheses will be validated or invalidated.


Sep '19 - Ongoing

User researcher/visual designer

Problem: I required a portfolio to showcase my work. This is the process i followed to make sure it was from a user-centred approach.


"Steve approached me to offer a heuristic evaluation on my site visualsitemaps.com, where he uncovered a main usability issue that affected my conversion rates. I applied the changes and as a result seen an increase in revenue. If you're looking for a specialist to identify any usability issues and save your company money, I recommend this guy" ~ Artur Maklyarevski
'When I looked at the option of building a website for my business, I didn't know where to start and how to go about getting my business noticed online. With the help of Steve, my workflow looks like its going to improve but it's still early days. Thank you so much Steve for the time and effort you have put into my project so far, I'm looking forward to seeing my customers use it' ~ Sandrine Bache VOL
"I have mentored Steve and recommended him for other projects as a ux designer. He is both inquisitive and passionate about UX related material. He's not afraid to ask questions. A real creative mind" ~ Lukasz Baldyga UX strategist Volvo
"I have worked with Steve in the past and I highly recommend him as a user-centred designer. Visually he communicates remarkably well and has an ability to connect well with people to communicate ideas." ~ Rob Woolfendon Director/Photographer
"We worked together on a 10 month project, where Steve showed an amazing ability to listen to what I wanted. He presented me with a desirable business solution to my problem." ~ Guy Westoby Therapist